Nominees 2022


Nomination Procedure - Nomination Phase is Now Closed.  


Nomination Form: Open from 10th January 2022 to 5pm 28th January 2022

As a Member of Dublin Chamber of Commerce, you can put yourself, or any other Member of the Chamber, forward for election to the Council for a period of three years.

Each year, 10 positions on Council are open, any Member of the Chamber can run for election to Council.  The Council of the Dublin Chamber represents our Members' business needs and running for election is an ideal way of getting involved with other businesses, to learn and to promote growth in our City Region.  The democratic election of Council Members is a really important feature of our vibrant Chamber and term on Council is three years.  

  • Online nomination form will be available from 10th January 2022 to 5pm on 28th January 2022 only
  • Voting Commences Monday 14th February for one week to Friday 18th February 2022 by Chamber Member Nominees only.

Nomination Requirements:

  1. Positions on the Dublin Chamber Council are open to all employees of member companies of the Dublin Chamber.
  2. Nominees for the Council elections must be fully paid-up Members of the Dublin Chamber.
  3. All Nominations must be supported by two proposers. You must include name, title, company name, phone and email address of the two proposers on your submission. Any nomination submitted without these details will not be put forward for election to Council.
  4. Both proposers must be fully subscribed members of Dublin Chamber.

Completing the Nomination Form:

  1. Complete the form below in full by filling in all required fields.
  2. Include a 60 word (or under) biography along with a 120 word (or under) Ambitions Statement.  These word counts are strictly adhered to.
  3. Submit a photograph separately by email (business style head shot) to
  4. Biography, Ambitions Statement, photograph and your contact details will be made available to all Chamber Members in the form of an online ballot paper when the voting period commences.  Please note: all details will be also public on the Dublin Chamber website.
  5. Click submit.

Nomination Phase is Now Closed

Open from 9am on 10th January 2022 to 5pm 28th January 2022

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