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By Chamber Press Office, 01 February 2023

As one of Ireland’s largest independent freight forwarders, Woodland Group believes in delivering sustainable supply chains both in its own operations as well as supporting and creating opportunities for Irish businesses to thrive. 

With stringent environmental regulations and climate goals put in place at governmental and local level, and more to be implemented in future, Woodland has invested heavily into carbon-conscious initiatives, including achieving its EcoVadis sustainable supplier rating. Furthermore, Woodland has concentrated on its own commitments and sustainability strategy to continue to decrease its own impact on the natural environment, create a better environment for its people and communities, as well as support clients in reaching their own sustainability goals. 

The latest solution from Woodland Group forms part of its 360 digital supply chain management platform, Woodland Online, which enables quick and efficient quoting, booking, tracking and reporting on shipments in addition to supplier integration. Mobilising its bespoke supply chain systems and partner networks, Woodland Online can deliver supplier and PO management as well as client finance reports and customs documentation at a click of a button. 

Woodland Online’s latest add-on offers clients the opportunity to access reports on their transport chain’s environmental impact, a continuation of Woodland Group’s growing suite of carbon conscious solutions aimed to support businesses in tracking and reducing their impact and meeting changing regulations around businesses’ environmental reporting. The Carbon Calculator delivers global transport emissions reports measuring ‘Well-to-Wheel’ multi-modal input, allowing clients to identify and monitor the carbon footprint of all their global transport solutions to better understand their businesses’ environmental impact.

Beyond these capabilities, Woodland’s shipment carbon reporting allows users to accurately report on carbon emissions across their supply chains, broken down by route, mode, date or individual shipment which can be delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis. The Group’s sustainability team can then offer guidance on how to optimise supply chains to inspire and meet its clients’ carbon reduction goals, whilst Woodland’s yearly business impact reports monitor the Group’s own carbon footprint to further identify areas for reduction and neutralisation. 

To find out about Woodland Group’s carbon conscious supply chain solutions, or to try Woodland Online for yourself, email  

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