Roundtable Discussions

Dublin Chamber advocates for an enhanced quality of life for people that live, visit and do business, in our capital city.

We host regular roundtable discussions on a wide range of topics to engage with and understand the needs and concerns of Dublin’s business community.

The valuable insights gained at these roundtable discussions shape our lobbying agenda and provide our Public Affairs team with a deep understanding of the issues affecting business.

Read what Dublin’s Business Community is saying in our roundtable round ups below.


Q4 2023: Discussion on the proposed urban development and transportation plan.

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Employment Permits

Q4 2023: Discussion on the inefficiencies and challenges in Ireland's employment permit and visa system.

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Legislative Changes

Q4 2023: In this roundtable discussion, representatives from various sectors shared their perspectives on the
impact of new legislation on their businesses. .

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Q4 2023: This discussion painted a picture of a business community deeply concerned about thesafety levels in Dublin, calling for more effective government intervention, and a holistic approach to improving the city's safety and liveability..

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BER Ratings and Retrofitting Challenges

Q4 2023: Discussion on the importance of improving energy efficiency and the numerous hurdles businesses face.


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The Code of Practise to Govern Right to Request Remote Working

Q2 2023: Dublin Chamber members were invited to discuss what they would like to see included within this Code of Practice.

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Cyber Security

Q2 2023: Discussion on the increased importance of cyber security within almost every sector, as companies seek new means of protecting their data in the face of increasing risk.

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Skills Shortages

Q2 2023: Dublin Chamber members discussed the numerous reasons why companies are struggling in regard to attracting and retaining staff.


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Budget 2024

Q3 2023: Dublin Chamber members engaged in a roundtable discussion concerning key asks for Budget 2024.


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Q2 2023: Guest at a roundtable on tourism discussed the main challenges and issues experienced by Dublin firms are ones that are commonly shared, impacting the tourist experience and perception of Dublin.

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Q1 2023

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Climate Action Plan

Q1 2023: Dublin businesses were asked within a roundtable discussion what the barriers are for companies in developing decarbonising measures.

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Q1 2023: Companies were asked what their main motivations for offering apprenticeships are.

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