Dublin 2050 - For a Sustainable Future

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By Chamber Press Office, 02 February 2023

There has never been a more important time to talk about Dublin’s future. As the capital of Ireland and the powerhouse of the national economy, it is vital that Dublin works. The objective of Dublin 2050 is to explore long-term planning in the region.  

How do we transform Dublin into a sustainable city that uses alternative energy sources to minimise environmental impact? What role can business play in preserving the city for future generations? How can we define our vision and drive ambition in our thinking? 

These are some of the questions that will be addressed by a panel of expert speakers at our Dublin 2050 series. Dublin 2050 series aims to explore and provoke discussion around the long-term planning decisions needed to secure Dublin’s future as a world-class city. 

Dublin Chamber believes a more sustainable future can be achieved, but only through a holistic approach. Innovative mobility, a focus on renewable energy and urban density are all key to a sustainable reset. 

To understand the challenges and to examine how we can achieve an inclusive, greener and more connected future, Dublin Chamber will run a series of four events for senior decision-makers from Dublin Chamber’s membership. The aim of the series is to update and inform Dublin Chamber members on the academic, business and political context of climate action and the benefits and opportunities that a move toward a low-carbon can present to business.

Don't miss the first event in the series this year Dublin 2050: Transport - The Future of Mobility on Wed 1st March. Book your place here

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