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Voting in the 2024 Council Elections is now closed.  

Thank you to all Dublin Chamber Members for voting and thank you to 2024 Candidates.


Voting Guide for next Elections - February 2025

  • All voting is on line via Chamber Website/voting page and electronic only.
  • Voting open to Nominees of Member Companies only and  will be emailed on Monday 12th Feb directly with a pin & username (e-ballot) to enable voting 
  • Please Review all election candidates
  • Vote once for up to 10 Candidates once by placing 'x' in voting box and we encourage you use your 10 votes.
  • Enter your issued pin & username & Vote! (this will then de-activate your pin) 
  • Votes cannot be changed once submitted/all votes are independently recorded. 
  • Please note: new voting pins are issued annually, previous election pins are void.  

Voting Form Active from 9am Monday 12th February 2024 to 5pm Friday 16th February 2024


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