Carbon Footprinting


Your Resources & Your Carbon Footprint

This course will enable companies to understand how to measure and report the global warming impacts of their operations, identify environmental hotspots and to take action to reduce these impacts.

By setting boundaries, scopes, and data collection procedures, we will share the tools and processes necessary for companies to conduct their own carbon footprinting according to best practice global standards.

Course Content

  • Understanding the business impact of climate change
  • Introduction to carbon footprinting
  • Relevant measurement and reporting standards
  • Setting carbon policy, boundaries, and baselines
  • The data collection process
  • Sources of carbon factors
  • What are Scopes 1, 2 and 3 carbon footprints, and what a company can do to identify hotspots
  • Principle of carbon footprinting at the product level
  • Overview of carbon verification, target setting, and reporting


Course Objectives

  • Practical understanding of how to conduct a carbon footprint of a business
  • Understanding of what type of data to collect to measure the CO2 footprint
  • How to collect and organise the data
  • How to interpret the data – what are the specific CO2 impacts of the energies, resources and materials used?
  • Understanding the principles of organisational and product environmental footprinting
  • Tools, standards, and sources of support
  • Preparation and verification of annual carbon footprint reports at company, process and product levels

How will the courses be delivered?

Each course will be delivered remotely by in an interactive, classroom style format. These courses are designed to provide an optimal, interactive learning experience.

How much does it cost?

Participation in any of the outlined courses is subsidised by AIB and priced at €95 members and €300 non members per session for Dublin Chamber members.

Academy participants will also be given a free one-hour, one-on-one advisory consultation with an expert advisor.
About Dublin Chamber Sustainability Academy's Training Partner:
SUSTHub provides highly engaging, bespoke and targeted training programs and masterclasses enabling executive leadership teams, board members, and senior leadership teams, to accelerate their organisations’ sustainability performance.


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