Circular Business Models


Circular Business Models to Grow your Business

'The future is circular’

For a more robust, resilient future and to drive new forms of business and environmental value, we need to become ‘circular’.

This course will help businesses to understand how thinking with a circular mindset can fundamentally change our business for the better. We will focus on how to manage the transition to being ‘more circular’. The course will outline the principles that are needed to drive innovation and breakthrough thinking.

We will be inspired with examples from across multiple sectors and concepts for implementation. We will reflect on new business models for consideration. We will look at the requirements for behavioural change, taking a design approach, mechanisms for becoming more circular and the challenges therein.

Course Content

  • Key context & trends
  • Circular principles & mindset
  • Business value in a circular economy
  • Applying a circular mindset
  • Circular Design Thinking
  • Circula-Re’s – strategies and tactics for your business
  • Circular Business Systems
  • Changing Buyer and Supplier Behaviours and relationships
  • Actioning circular thinking in your business

Course Objectives

  • Learn key thinking principles for immediate implementation in your business that will drive value
  • Understand circular opportunities, strategies and tactics
  • Learn about key circular business models and how to explore them
  • Circular Design Thinking approach
  • Best practice and case studies in having circular mindset
  • Changing the buyer and supplier business relationships

How will the courses be delivered?

Each course will be delivered remotely by in an interactive, classroom style format. These courses are designed to provide an optimal, interactive learning experience.

How much does it cost?

Participation in any of the outlined courses is subsidised by AIB and priced at €95 members and €300 non members per session for Dublin Chamber members.

Academy participants will also be given a free one-hour, one-on-one advisory consultation with an expert advisor.
About Dublin Chamber Sustainability Academy's Training Partner:
SUSTHub provides highly engaging, bespoke and targeted training programs and masterclasses enabling executive leadership teams, board members, and senior leadership teams, to accelerate their organisations’ sustainability performance.


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